Get rids of clicks when looping samples

Hey all. I need to elongate a few samples, they’re engine sound samples from a game but they’re too short and when you import them to other game (assetto corsa) they click and sound horrid.

I’ve tried to crossfade them in audacity but the “loop” is always too obvious and audible, matching them at 0db is not good either.

I am not sure how to make it completely or almost completely seamless. I leave one of the samples below, if someone knows the method Ill apply it to the rest of them (theyre like 20)

Can loop that without clicking, but you can still hear it repeating …

You did it by spectral editing? Cause I’ve tried that also but still could not get proper results

So if you do Analyze > Plot Spectrum:

You will notice several distinct peaks. If your editing changes these, you will be able to hear your splices.

If you duplicate your track, zoom in and carefully align the peaks:

and then do your Effect > CrossFade Tracks, I think you’ll have what you need. :grinning:

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