Get Noise Profile Problem

Ok so my mic is cheap and shitty so there is ALOT of white noise. So to fix this I select some of said white noise, go to effect>Noise Removal and click Get Noise Profile. The only problem is when I do this it closes noise removal and doesn’t change anything, it just stays at the defult noise removal. Which is not what I need… Am I doing this wrong? Or is something wrong with audacity 2.0.2? I even uninstalled and re-installed and still the same problem. And yes I am positive it is not picking up the noise profile because it is nowhere near the noise removal it needs to be.
I searched the message boards and I’ve seen probblems with this but they’re all crashes and such. If anyone can help I will owe you sexual favors!

Instructions here:
More noise reductions tips and suggestions:

Noise removal is a two-step process as you’ll find from the instructions. However when you get it working, it’s not going to work. You can’t actually take white noise out of a show. It’s too complex and has too many frequencies. The latest Removal tool tries to adapt to the limitations by working around voices and valuable sounds. What that gives you is velvety silent backgrounds and hissy, crashy voices.

Another option is remove noise from everything and put up with the bubbly martian voices.

You really need to get better capture equipment. If you’re on a USB microphone, then yes, the noise is built in. Those microphone have some serious limitations, good if what they do and what you do match. If your microphone plugs into the Mic-In of the soundcard, then it’s not the mic. Soundcards are very noisy.