Get noise profile in 3.2 does not work

I was on audacity 2 but upgraded finally and the get noise profile and remove noise no longer works.
Previously I would select a silent interval on the timeline, then go to the “Noise Reduction” tool and tap the “get noise profile”.
Then I would notice the sliders moved a bit and close the dialog
Then select the entire track and open the filter and let it proceed. But
Not when I tap “get noise profile” , the dialog just closes, AND the sliders do not move off of 12db, sensitivity 6 and smoothing bands 3
If I just run with those settings the audio gets a bit of flutter added to it, like the volume wiggles and it sounds worse.

Audacity is installed on my D: drive Windows 10 64bit AMF if that helps diagnose.

But the “get” part appears to me at least to be throwing an exception or something perhaps? It’s doing this with 2 different audio sources, my zoom H2 and my cellphone.

The noise-reduction dialog window has always closed immediately after the noise-profile has been captured.
(The sliders in that window do not move automatically: you have to move them during the next step).

After capturing the noise-profile you have to select the audio you want to clean,
then choose noise-reduction from the effect menu again.
You have to adjust the sliders: settings of 6-6-6 are typical.

https ://

I must have been on an old audacity. but I always used to click “get noise profile” in the dialog, then, I had to always exit, then enter again once I selected the entire track. So I have experiences of an older version.

I’m uninstalling and re-installing, this is just weird, because the built-in Normalize function also does nothing at all. I get a progress bar, but the audio remains unchanged. not sure if installing a realtime plugin caused this, removing it did not help. I’ve just re-installed twice.
I installed version 2, and I now see the functions are working. The file has 2 places where a heavy wind pop and click clips the audio, and that might be the big problem. Grrrrrr. Will see if removing that helps diagnose the real issue.

The noise reduction window disappears of its own accord immediately after noise-profile is captured …

Yes, that did solve it for me Trebor.

I was just struggling with time pressure to learn where everything had moved in audacity 3 and deal with a change in my setup all at once.