Get background music from two different language tracks

I don’t think this question is exclusive to the Windows Audacity, but I didn’t find another relevant forum. I’ve been absolutely racking my brains over doing this for hours now and got various VST plugins that don’t seem to help. Theoretically, there is absolutely no reason why this shouldn’t be possible. The music is identical but the voices are different. One is in English, the other Japanese. Just the voices differ, and the music is at the exact same position.

If somebody can please help me with this, I’d seriously appreciate it. You can find the two audio files here:
If you can crack this problem, please tell me how you did it.

Thank you!

You probably can’t remove the vocal entirely, but you can reduce the level of the vocal quite substantially using the “Vocal Remover” effect:
The English version seems to work a bit better than the Japanese version.

Here is an extract after vocal removal:

Thanks, but I already tried that. The method is good for karaoke for example, but it’s just not good enough for the intended purpose. I’m creating a fan soundtrack that contains all of the music that wasn’t including in the official soundtracks. I also have the Spanish version on DVD. You’d think that with three language versions it would be possible to filter out the differences and get the music. I’m going to keep trying and see if other software can accomplish this. But if anybody knows, please reply.

You can probably get better results using “melodyne editor” by Celemony, but it would take a lot of time and manual editing, and that software is rather expensive (about $300 US)

Tried to remove vocal using vocal remover but background vocal still there. Is there a way to remove completely vocals? Can someone test and let me know. Thanks
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