Get audio ready for ringtones (hear phone from farther)

Hi, I wonder how can I proccess or convert a mp3 file to ringtone. Essentially it is the same sound but is kind of more acute and less bass and less quality makes it sound more like a ringtone, well you understand what i am saying. The acute and bass aspect is essential to hear the phone from far distance, because with usual mp3 I can’t hear the ringtone from some far, while if I dowload paid tones in .dcf format it sounds great (the problem with dcf is that have DRM and expire after some months and you need to pay again).

Can someone post a simple method to get this achieved?

Don’t know if this page from the Wiki will help (I have no personal experience of making ringtones - (my mobile was previously owned and used by Noah on the Ark …):


Thank you, i didn’t know that this wiki even exited for ringtones :laughing: