Genre List

How do I add genres to the drop down list? Encoding old wax and cannot find an option to add Bossa Nova or latin jazz to the possibilities. Some of what I listen to does not pigeon hole very well into what’s available.

You can type-in anything you want but I don’t think it will be added to the list so you’ll have to type it again next time.

Thanks Doug, if you click the add button in 2.2.2 and add it to the bottom of the list the new genre will be available on the next use but it isn’t added to the details drop down in Windows properties. I had been using a 1.2.6 version which could not add genres but I’m sorry to have traded that for the option of undocking the controls toolbar which was pretty handy when removing the artifacts from mistreated old vinyl before making mp3s out of them. It required a lot less mouse mileage to put those controls right under the middle of the tracks bar. The ancient Frank Sinatra and Antonio Jobim album needed the bossa nova to be accurate.

Found the solution regarding undocking: it isn’t controlled in the view drop down anymore, you just pull that tool set down with the textured grip to the left of it. A standard I should have recognized since I’ve been doing CAD work from the days of using my own C-64 and Koala Pad for the operator instructions and graphics to set up and run an SX-64 driven student portrait studio system for Lifetouch back when dirt was young. My engineering days go back to laying out circuit boards on light tables with a grid overlay and red and blue tape for opposite sides of the board. I thank the Audacity people very much for their efforts and am glad it was their software that came with my USB turntable.