"Genre" from metadata editor doesn't seem to stick

Between typing in the “Labels” for each ripped track of an LP and then using Metadata Editor to enter the fields that are common to the whole album, I would be able to do all my metadata entry within Audacity, EXCEPT that I then have to go into “Music Tag Editor” just to re-type the “Genre” I had already typed in Audacity but which had disappeared. Any info much appreciated – thanks.

What file format are you exporting?
Which version of Audacity? (look in “Help > About Audacity”)

FLAC; 2.1.1

If you launch Audacity and import the FLAC file, then open the Metadata Editor, does Audacity show the same Genre that you set in Audacity?

Yes!! I tried it on just one file, not multiple, but yes. The genre, which I had set in Audacity, came up blank in Music Tag Editor, but it was still there when (without changing anything in MTE, just quitting it) I opened it up again in Audacity. I guess the bug is in MTE (it shows all the other fields correctly; only Genre is missing). Thanks for the helpful question which also turned out to be an answer!

It is very common for there to be differences between applications support of Metadata, though I don’t think that should really happen with FLAC because the tags for FLAC are well defined. For MP3 there are several different standards, and for WAV there is no formal standard (just some “chunks” that the format allows to be used). All in all a bit of a minefield :wink: