generating a SpectroStrobe

I would like to generate a SpectraStrobe and I was expecting that with Audacity in “Generate” this is doable as explained in the video:
however in the version 2.1.2 (windows) I can neither generate a SpectroStrobe nor an AudioStrobe. Please where can I get these commands?
Thank you in advance. rv

Those are optional plugins. No-one said they are shipped with Audacity.

You can download them from this link

To install the plugins, see How do I install Nyquist plug-ins?.


Hi Andrew, thank you a lot, you are so great. Indeed, I was able to install the plug-ins … but unable to unstall the chains … please could you help me? because I need the “SpectraStrobe” and so the chains are necessary.
Thank you in advance.
best, rv

If you are trying to run those plugins in a Chain, see Edit Chains.