Generating a file/project name automatically

I think of using Audacity on a portable ARM/Linux based board with a LCD to do mobile recording. For this I would prefer if I do not have to specify the file or project name manually but to generate it automatically, for instance using YearMonthDayHHMMSS.wav as file name. Is there a already way to do this? I could try to change the code if someone gives me hint where to look (and maybe some more help, as I am not an experienced programmer).



Audacity cannot currently do this.
I’m not a C/C++ programmer either but I think that modifying Audacity to do this would be difficult.
A better bet would be to use SoX as this is designed to be used from the command line.

Doing this is fairly simple once you have Audacity (and the necessary wxWidgets compiling). If you really have the urge, try getting the two to compile then ask me for help as you go. To get you started compiling, read this excruciatingly detailed step-by-step:
(Steve can help out with the Linux details).

After that, read this thread for some details one automating Audacity:
You will not need all the switch details but it will have some pointers on the concepts you will need to address.

Just suggesting (in the save-as dialog) a default filename based on time+date is simple, I do something similar already so I can help you with that code.