generated sound plays when played on media player

When I first tried audacity I created a white noise and saved it to desktop just to see if it would record. It did but now every time I record something the noise is on the file before the music i recorded when I open the file in audacity the sound is not there. why doesn’t it show up and how can I stop it from being on everything

That may just be a bad combination of events.

Generate > Noise can be misleading. Pink noise in particular is the same noise that a weak or bad microphone makes. So you could have created a hiss sound and saved it as a file and then tried to record a hissy microphone. They would have sounded the same.

So we need to find out a lot more about what you’re doing. What are you recording and how is it connected to your computers?

It’s also good to know that Audacity will not save a sound file. It only saves Audacity Projects with multiple files and folders. To get a real sound file like WAV or MP3 of your show, you have to use File > Export.