Generate tones and silences at specific seconds

I have a .wav file and an array with specific seconds, like this one: [1.72988662132, 2.1942857142899998, 2.6586848072599996].
I would like to generate tones at these specific times and play this generated sound and the music at the same time. Is it possible?
I’ve tried the menu Generate → Tone, but it only allows me to generate 1 tone at a time, which can be really boring since this
array can be way bigger than that.

ps: Sorry if it’s a silly question, it’s the first time I’m working with audio.


The best idea I have is to turn the data into a label track ( ) then import the label track. You can click in each label and generate a tone at each label. Depending what you want to do you can make the label a region then the generator will generate into that region.

The DTMF generator generates tones with intervening silences.


How many tones do you want? What sort of tone?
Could you generate one tone, copy it, then just go to the place that you want the next tone and Ctrl+V to paste?
Do you have a list of times for these tones? If so, what format is that list in? Where did that list come from?

I’ve tried the labels idea. (see image attached)
What I’d like is to play a tone for each label in the left channel and play my
audio signal in the right channel. Is it possible? And yes, can be the same tone…
2013-02-06 08.14.35 am.png

This would seem like a good task for a Nyquist plug-in, except that Nyquist plug-ins cannot read label tracks.
Where did the labels come from?