Generate new .aup project out of folder with .au files

Hello guys,
on virtue of an big mistake I deleted an important .aup. Is there a way to generate a new .aup out of the many, many .au files in the folder?

Thanks and great regards
Robin from Germany

I don’t think you can make a new AUP file.

If it’s raw, unedited Mono recording, you might be able to use the time/date stamps to put the files back together.

If it’s a stereo raw recording, you may be able to recover it, but the Left and Right audios may reverse at any time, usually in six second blocks.

If you have an Edit Master or Production Project, there is no recovery. The little AU files inside the _DATA folder get intentionally scrambled and it’s up to the AUP file to unscramble them.

It’s not always desirable to make an Audacity Project. It’s only needed if you want to save a complex edit or have multiple tracks in a show. If you have a simple, one-pass timeline, File Exporting a WAV (Microsoft) works just fine. Also, any time you record a valuable performance, Export a WAV. You can also save a Project if you want.

Audacity Projects do not save UNDO.

It’s a common New User mistake to record a performance, edit the production corrections on top of it and then export it as a final master. Any serious error anywhere in the process will cause you to capture the performance again. That and we can’t take filters, effects, or corrections out of a Project other than UNDO. So once you turn Audacity off, all your corrections are burned in. It’s good to have that clean, raw recording.


If you didn’t do very much computer work after you deleted it, Windows machine will sometimes respond to “Un-Delete” or Recovery programs.

The idea is that Windows doesn’t actually delete files. It just marks them for death. If the machine needs the space bad enough, it starts dismembering the deleted work.

So the less work you do before recovery the better.

I don’t have a favorite one. If you’ve been doing production or any work on your machine after that, chances of recovery go way down.