Generate Menu and Click Track

I am trying to correct my latency on Audacity, and I found an easy way to do it from Youtube. The only thing is, Generate> Clicktrack does not appear on the Generate menu !

I have tried to use other clicktrack.ny files in place of the one installed in the plug-ins folder, but no luck.

So how can i get CLICKTRACK to appear on my Generate menu ?

I am using Windows Vista.

Do you have the other two? Pluck and Risset Drum? Koz
Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 10.57.59 PM.png

A word on Latency. There are two of them and you can only adjust one. Recording Latency is the one where you sing in perfect time to your backing track and adjust Audacity so the two performances do, in fact, match.

If you’re having trouble hearing yourself during the live performance, that’s the other one. You’re stuck with that unless you throw money or get good at computer programming.