Generate click tracks with multiple time signatures


I’m a musician that plays prog rock. In this genre of music, it is common to have multiple time signatures in different parts of the same song. However, the generate click track plugin of Audacity can only generate tracks with a single time signature. I propose this functionality be added to the click track generator plugin.

Maybe there could be two windows: in the first one, the user selects the BPM, and the sounds and pitch to be used (as in the current version of the plugin). The second window could maybe look something like this (taken from LibreOffice Calc’s standard filter):

Instead of “Field Name” the value of the first option would be the number of measures of a given time signature to add to the click track (any whole number). Instead of “Condition” and “Value” the options would be the numerator and denominator of the time signature. The time signature’s numerator could be any whole number, and the denominator could be a pulldown menu that would let you choose multiples of 2 as options (maybe up to 32 or 64), so that you could choose any time signature (for example 3/4, 11/8, 7/16 or even some really weird stuff like 17/32).

Instead of the “More Options” button, there could be an “Add another section” button which would stop the next line from being grayed out and enable the user to choose the following time signature and how many measures.

This may seem like a fairly esoteric feature, but it would be really useful for some specific genres of music (such as prog rock and jazz fusion) and AFAIK no free software provides this functionality at this time (if you know of one which does please let me know).



Unfortunately the interface for Nyquist plug-ins does not support multi-column layout. (Click Track is a Nyquist plug-in)

If you require multiple time signatures you can run the effect more than once. For example, if you require 16 bars of 4/4 followed by 4 bars of 5/4

  • Apply Click Track with settings to produce 16 bars of 4/4
  • Press the “K” key to move to the end of the track
  • Apply Click Track with settings to generate 4 bars of 5/4