Generate -> Click Track [ 1.3.6a6 ]

Hi all:
I just compiled (win32:Release) 1.3.6a6 with WxWidgets 2.8.9 and the ASIO SDK. All went well with no errors and Audacity comes up without bother. However, under the Generate menu, there’s no “click track” as there is on the download version, stable and beta.

Does anyone know how I might debug this? It’s my first time compiling Audacity so I’m not clear on how to debug.

Thanks for any help.

Do you have “clicktrack.ny” in your Audacity plugins folder?

Yes, it is there. Maybe there’s a way that plug-ins can be built separately? I built the full solution with the “Release” configuration.

Ahhh… I see what you mean now. I just found a compile note that says to copy “nyquist” and the “plug-ins” folder to the build output folder. I thought you were asking about it being in the ‘src’ area. Once I copied nyquist and plug-ins to my release dir, it all worked

Thanks a lot!

Hello. I have a similar problem. I have 2.0.1 alpha, and when I go to Generate → Click Track, I also get nothing. I would look in my Audacity plugins folder, but I’m not sure where that is. I have Mac OS X, and the manual told me that it’s probably in the Applications folder, but it’s not there. Are there any Mac users who might know where I can find the plugin folder? Thanks in advance!

If “Click Track” is listed in the Generate menu then Audacity has found the Click Track plug-in.
Are you saying that “Click Track” is not in the Generate menu or that it is the menu but it doesn’t work?

Sorry if that wasn’t clear. “Click Track” is not in the Generate menu at all.

Did you build Audacity from the source code?
How exactly did you install Audacity 2.0.1?

Sorry, I meant 2.0.0. I downloaded it from

This topic is about compiling from the source code.
I don’t use Macs so I don’t think that I can help you. For help with a normal installation of Audacity 2.0 you would be better to ask the Mac guys by starting a new topic on the Mac OS X board here:

Oh, okay. Sorry about the misunderstanding, and thank you for the help.