Generate a dictation


I’m learning English. In view to practicing I would like to generate dictation from audiobooks: I would like to add extra silence time each time the reader pauses.

I used ‘silence finder’ to spot every pause and I worked pretty well. I just need a way to add silence after each label.

Does someone know a way to do so?


There is a plug-in available here which I think will do what you need:
Read the full post for instructions and a full description of the effect.

Hey Fred, I did a short 6 min video for what you are wanting to do. Just so you know, @Steve has far more knowledge then I do, concerning Audacity. The way I did it was using the “Split” command under the Edit Menu / Clip Boundaries / Split. You can view it here.

@Steve, I downloaded your recommendation and will play with it later this afternoon. Thanks for the info.

Hey Dana,
Did you delete your video from youtube because its not working right now. Could you plz share it again

Dana Tucker shall not be replying as he has been banned from this forum.

If you are interested in the original topic about how to add extra silence in pauses of a recording, please refer to the first reply and the plug-in suggested there.