General exporting dilemma.

Hi, I’ve been using Audacity for quite a while. My Windows OS is Windows 7 and the version of Audacity I’m using is 2.0.5. It seems that whenever I try to export a song to whatever file I want it to be, it gives me ‘file’ and nothing more. The title of the song will be there and the information pertaining towards it, but other than that, I can’t use it for anything. It’s a legitimate dud. The reason I’m here is because I’ve looked around for the problem and a solution to it, but I haven’t seen anything similar to it or like it. If possible, I would greatly appreciate it if someone was able to explain what exactly went wrong upon my experience in using the software. Thanks in advance.

  • The Duke

Don’t add dots (periods) into the file name.

Audacity would have warned you the file name was illegitimate, but apparently you ignored the warning.

If you want dots in the file name, you must add the extension required such as


after the file name.

See: .


If it warned me about the illegitimacy of the file, I wouldn’t be here right now lol…
That’s aside the point. The files I was working with had a dot in the name to indicate what sequence the tracklist was in. I removed the period and the numbers ahead of it and it worked wonders. Thank you for helping me address the issue.

Audacity pops up a box that says "Normally these files end in “.MP3” " (or whatever extension the format has). There is no way to turn that warning off.