gemini ps626 pro mixer as power supply for condenser mic?

I am trying to set up to record. I have a older model gemini ps 626 pro mixer an a beringher C-1 microphone. Does the mixer have the phantom supply capabilities to power this microphone? No matter what i do i cant get it to work but have been told it can

No. Your mixer does not have XLR type, three pin connectors like this microphone needs. More importantly this microphone needs to be powered from the mixer through “Phantom Power.” This is my Peavey PV6 mixer about the same size as yours.

This is a closeup of the switch to turn Phantom Power on and off. Koz
Picture 1.png

thank you…i had tryed hooking it up through regular mic plug XLR to 1/4" and also thru the rcas on back after someone told me to try it that way…thank you as now i truly know that i need a phantom power supply