Gatherin' Up Chunks

So I have three audio recordings, each one a different point of view, that I’m trying to splice together in one thing and then edit. The problem is, Audacity records all audio in 1 mb chunks, and a three +/-100 minute audio recordings make a WHOLE LOT of 1 mb chunks. Each recording shows up as a folder with many smaller folders inside with folders inside those and then about a million little 1 mb recordings. My question: how do I put it all into an audacity project at once? It’d take an actual week to put them all in manually.

Another thing worth noting: I try to use the .aup file to open it, the data file is named the same thing, but when it comes up, it says there’s been an error and all the audio is gone. However, if I go directly into the data file and play the individual 1 mb chunks, the audio is clearly there. So what gives?

There are two parts to and Audacity project. There is an AUP file, and a _data folder. The folder contains the audio data as lots of little chunks. Do not mess with the data folder. The AUP file tells Audacity how to reassemble the data to recreate the project. The AUP file and its _data folder must stay together, Do not move them, rename them or mess with them in any way or you will probably destroy the project. Always let Audacity manage the project for you.

To create a normal audio file, Export from Audacity.

See here for more info:

Alright. Is there an optimal way to get an exported audio file from their computers to mine? Can they just upload them to like, google drive?

A WAV or other files are portable between computers if the name contains only A to Z or a to z characters, whole numbers (0 to 9), underscore or hyphen-minus. WAV or AIFF must be under 2 GB to be sure of compatibility.

If you mean Audacity projects (these can store for example envelope points that audio files can’t), you need to close the project then package the _data folder and the AUP file into a ZIP file.