garbled export file from mic recording

I am using a microphone that attaches to a phone with a suction cup. I make the recording, then export to either WAV or FLAC. It’s always very garbled as if someone went in and chopped it all up and put it back together in tiny pieces. Speech is unintelligible. I have Audacity set to 4100. I’m no techy and need help. Thanks.

Original poster here. I figured it out. These are the settings that did it:

Audio Host: MME
Output Device: C-Media PCI Audio: Wave
Input Channels: 2 (Stereo) Input


3d Audio Engine: Xear3D DS3D EAX
Audio Codec: CMI8738
Audio Drver Version:
Audio Controller: C-Media Audio Controller
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0C

Windows XP SP3 32bit