Garbled .aup file

I am using Windows 10 and Audacity 2.1.2.
Recording from a Focusrite 2i2.

Have been using Audacity for about 4 months to record Sunday church services.
Today I did everything exactly the same and the playback (on both .aup file and exported .wav file) is garbled. I had this happen once before but no idea what happened that time either.
I have attached a clip of the .wav file. Any help would be much appreciated.

Is there any way to fix the original file?

thanks in advance,


I don’t think you can fix that. I’m guessing something went wrong on the analog side. I’m also guessing that you weren’t monitoring through the computer so you couldn’t hear what you were recording?

What’s your set-up like? How are you connected to the computer?

Hi DVDdoug,

We are using a small PA setup - feeding a monitor output from a Yamaha PA system to the focusrite 2i2 (analog in to USB out) which then connects to a laptop.

I will try to remember to monitor the analog feed - maybe that will help to isolate the problem.

Note: last time I had this issue, I turned of the laptop’s WiFi while I was recording - not sure if that fixed the issue but all seemed fine till this last time. Will post if I find the solution.,…



I’m using a nearly identical rig except I have Windows 7 to record live music: 2 Peavey condenser mikes >> Focusrite 2i2 >> laptop. Half of my recordings have come out great, while the other half are similar to your garbled recording. I recorded some bands the other day, and four of them were great while two were garbled. Same gear, same settings, same day. I would also be curious to know if you’ve found a solution.

There is a list of more obvious problems to check for at (scroll down to “To fix speed drift, pitch and quality problems, try the following tips”).