Garbled audio in playback

I am using 10.8.5 MAC air book laptop with the latest version of Audacity. (problem happened with the last version too)…
I am using an external mic, and a scarlett focusrite 2.1.2 interface. I do not need an additional drivers according to focusrite’s website. The quality is 44100 hz which is a requirement for my audio.
My problem is with playback… After recording 5 minutes or so, the audio playback of my voice recording becomes garbled & and unusable. I shut the computer down & wait, but I still have a lot of difficulty with a garbled recording.
Please advise. Thanks for your help!

I shut the computer down & wait,

I had you until right about there. You shut the computer down and the problem goes away, only to return on a different show at a different time? Speak a little more about that.

How are you listening to the show? Headphones in the Air or headphones in the Focusrite?

Or other.

I’m assuming you can’t post a clip of the distortion because when you do, it comes out clean. When the sound is distorted, run the Personal Sound Recorder on your cellphone and capture a bit of the distortion. Post that file.


Have you tried adjusting “Audio to buffer” in Audacity’s “Recording Preferences”? If it is on 100 milliseconds, try lower values.