Gaps Recording via VoiceMeeter [SOLVED]


OS: Win 10
Audacity version: 2.4.2

I am experiencing gaps/spaces in the recorded audio via a mic on the local PC via USB.
The issue is isolated to Voicemeeter. When I record without Voicemeeter it works fine.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Perhaps increasing the audio buffer size might help. (I don’t use Voicemeeter)

The issue is isolated to Voicemeeter.

Why would you need Voicemeeter to record a microphone?


Yes, Voicemeeter has my Snowball mic as input. Audacity has Voicemeeter output as its input.

I wanted to add studio quality and bass.

The gaps are because your system is not able to keep up with the audio data.
Increasing the audio buffer settings may help.

If you need help doing that, the Voicemeeter forum is here:

That’s sorted it. Thank you! Much appreciated.