Gaps (dropouts) during recording audio stream


I have the latest version of Audacity in my Windows 7 box with a 64 bit OS. I use Audacity to record internet radio streams all the time. From time to time, the music stops for a very brief period and I can see a little bit of gap in the wave form, like _______________ ________________ ______________. The solid lines denote the wave form. While I recording the music, I do not use the computer for anything else. I use the default buffer size of 100 ms which is a lot. Even I increase to 200 ms, it still does that. This is very annoying. Do you have any suggestion to correct the problem? I also recompiled the source code to include a ASIO driver. It works very well with the ASIO4ALL. However, it still has gaps no matter what buffer size I use.


Roughly how long are those gaps? 1 second? 0.1 seconds? 10 seconds?
Is there any regularity to when they occur?
Are you listening to the radio stream during the recording? If so, is the sound continuous while you listen?
Does the problem also occur with a microphone recording?

The gaps are very short, less than 1 second. I have no way to know the exact length.
There is no regularity. It is totally random.
I am listening to the stream while it is happening. That is how I pick it up. The sound disappears and reappears. The length coincides with that of the gaps.
I do not record with microphone. So, I would not know whether it happens with microphone recording.

It sounds like your getting intermittent glitches in the Internet stream, which could be just about anything, including network congestion, insufficient bandwidth, decoding problems, weak wi-fi connection…

If you could try making a recording of anything that is not over the network, a microphone recording or any other “real” input, then that may establish if Audacity is recording correctly. Currently it sounds like the problem lies with playing the network stream.

See this FAQ in the manual: