Gapless audio....again

MacOS 10.14.6
Audacity 2.4.2

This is been addressed on multiple occasions, I see, but no answer is working for me.

  1. I have imported a .wav file into Audacity.
  2. I have deleted unwanted silent breaks so that the file plays exactly as I want it.
  3. I have inserted 12 point (not region) labels for 12 songs.
  4. I have tried exporting multiple files as .wav and .aac and then imported into iTunes
  5. When played by iTunes, there is a split second silent gap where each label was placed.
  6. I have this problem with no other albums in iTunes; they all play appropriately gapless.

Is there really a way to export multiple files from Audacity without creating gaps?

Do you have gapless playback enabled in iTunes?

Have you tried importing the WAV files into iTunes then letting iTunes convert them to AAC?

– Bill

  1. I have used gapless in iTunes for as long as it has existed. (At first iTunes didn’t offer gapless.)
  2. I imported the files into iTunes as .wav and the gaps existed when I played them, so it seems pointless to convert the files to AAC within iTunes.

FYI, I checked to confirm my belief, and I appears that everything in iTunes has been gapless by default since at least 2016. Something in files exported from Audacity seems to defeat the gapless default.

If you import the WAV files back into Audacity are gaps visible or audible?

– Bill