Gap near beginning of Time Record--v2.2.2

I use Time Record to record streaming audio. Audacity misses about 0.606 sec starting at 1.219 sec.

What I do:
I set Audio Host to Windows WASAPI and Recording Device to Speakers (High Definition Audio Device).
I select Time Record, set the Duration to a little longer than the length of the audio piece and click OK.
On the browser (Firefox), I start playing the stream.
Audacity starts recording. In this sample, it misses capturing 0.606 seconds starting at 1.219 seconds.

To compensate, I just move the stream’s slider back to zero as Audacity keeps recording.
When the recording is finished, I delete the bit at the beginning with the missing 0.606 seconds.

The attached screen shot and mp3 files show the problem.

Not a big problem, but if anyone can help me avoid this glitch, it would be much appreciated.
Timer recording--missing 0.607s at 1.219s.jpg

Just to be crystal clear, the audio isn’t missing. A blank gap has been inserted. You can, in post production, move the second segment earlier to “cover up” the gap and you can’t tell there was ever anything wrong?

That’s very different from Audacity failing to record a small portion of the show.

Something is interrupting the data stream of the show. Audacity’s natural reaction to a gap in data progress is to temporarily stop recording.

So what on your machine could be interrupting the playback? What else is running at the same time? Any chat programs such as Skype?

As a test, restart your machine and make absolutely sure nothing else wakes up. Make a test recording.


You also seem to have a small gap at 0.6 seconds

When I try this with 2.2.0 using WASAPI loopback

  1. Start Time Record - sits waiting for input
  2. turn on the webstream
  3. once webstream starts the recording starts

And indeed I get a small gap at 0.6 seconds - I’ve always been led to believe that that is down to Windows with WASAPI getting it’s act together and not an Audacity fauld.

When I use Timer Record to record webstreams I start the webstream first and keep it running, then use Timer record. And I usually allow for a five minute buffer either side if the actuall time of the recording that I can trim off later.


Hi there

Set the sample rate in the Windows Sound Control Panel to match the sample rate in Audacity (the default sample rate in Audacity is set in “Edit > Preferences > Quality”)

Matched sample rates seem to fix the problem with the unrecorded ‘hiccup’ after a few seconds into recording.

At least they did in my case.

Billy Bunter