Gameplay Audio Being Fed Through Headset Microphone


I’m using Audacity (version 2.1.0) to record the commentary for my gaming channel. My operating system is Windows 8.1. It’s been great, however, lately my gameplay audio has been fed through the microphone of my Turtle Beach PX21 headset, and this is with my speaker volume and my headset volume on low so as to avoid this sort of thing happening. And yet, it’s been happening for about the past month or so.

The headphone jack on my computer (an HP Envy 15 laptop) did lose a small piece of its rubber somehow, so I purchased a USB adapter to rectify the issue of my PX21’s headphone jack plug not being secured, and the gameplay audio still feed through. (Any computer sound does, actually, as I’ve tested it with YouTube videos as well.)

I don’t have “Listen To This Device” checked in my Hardware and Sound section of my computer, I haven’t changed the speaker settings within Audacity, so I am at a loss for how I can fix this.

Please help me fix this!

Thank you.

Game recording can be a crazy combination of folded-back sound pathways and re-routes. If you have something mechanical wrong with the headset socket in your laptop, there’s a terrific chance that the failure is still part of the sound, even though you’re using a USB adapter and that’s why your recordings stopped recording.

Audacity has no predictable setups for gaming recording. That and Skype recording usually only work by accident. We’ve been recommending FRAPS gaming recording software.


Except as I keep responding to you, FRAPS does not support later than Windows 7. :wink:

The current Audacity version is 2.1.2 but it isn’t likely to be relevant. You need to choose the correct recording source in Audacity’s Device Toolbar.

How does this headset work? Does it have separate mic and headphones connectors and the USB cable is is only for power? What is the make and model number of the USB adaptor you are using now? Have you looked in any control panel this headset has?

Is the headset still under warranty?