game comentary, my mic is low and game loaud

like the titel states, i got a audio from when i played online
the problem is that the voice that i am making is to ---- low, is there any way i can make my voice louder
the other problem is that the game itself is loud – ----, is there any way i can lower that, without lowering my own voice and ther other players voice

the reason for the loud volume for the game is so that i can capture the voice of other players

thanks for all the help

I cleaned up your — ---- posting.

Audacity only captures what the computer sends it. It doesn’t do any processing or balancing during recording. You need to change the balance of the game for Audacity to come out right.

It’s not unusual for the local microphone (yours) to come out much better than the other players. They have to go through transmission and echo cancellation and yours doesn’t. Sometimes the game sound records twice, once incoming and once again on the way out. That will give you very loud game sound.

Sometimes the game itself can have its own recording system.