Gaining permission to export MP3 file from Audacity

Please help me. I need to finish exporting a voiceover recording in MP3 for a radio ad to, but I need administrative permission to convert the file to MP3 prior to exporting.


I am using Windows 7 and used the Audacity.exe installer.

Thanks for the extra information, but to avoid confusion it’s better to add new information by editing your original post. I merged the topics.

The easiest solution is to click in the “Save in:” box in the “Export File” window to change the directory to one where you have write permission (such as your Desktop).

If you regularly need to export to locations you don’t have permissions for, log in to Windows with an administrator account before starting Audacity. You can also try right-click over audacity.exe (or its shortcut that starts the program), then click “Run as Administrator”, but in my experience that does not always let you save files in folders that require admin permission.