Gain levels not working from Mixer

Hi All,

I have a Behrenger Xenex 802 mixer that connects to a UCA222 Audio interface, and then to my PC. Everything was working well and now adjusting the gain or other levels on the Xenex does not change the recording levels in Audacity. I can see the db levels on the Xenex changing so I know the gain knob is working, but it no longer registers in Audacity. The Audacity recording levels are staying around -15db. Is there a setting in Audacity to allow the mixer to control the levels?

“Stranger than truth”… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d guess you’re recording from the microphone built-into your laptop.

Do you have computer speakers or other active/powered speakers that you can plug-into the mixer (in place of the UCA 222) to confirm the levels change (and that you an turn it down to zero)? Or, try headphones. Or, if it’s still recording with the UCA disconnected from the mixer, or with the mixer turned-off, you’ll know the signal is coming from “somewhere else”