G-Track noise ?

Hi All,
I’ve Just bought the samson Gtrack Mic

when I record there is always an air noise in the background (shshshsh). when control the mic gain from the mic itself until the noise gone I found that the recording level is very low and almost can’t here my voice .

I need a clear sound but without that noisy background , What should I do ?

You probably need to get closer - much closer to the microphone. How far away from your mouth is the microphone when you are recording? Are you singing, talking, shouting or whispering?

Live performances are always a juggling act between too loud (overload, distortion, crunchy sound) and too low (hiss or shshshshsh in back of the performance).

This microphone claims an internal mixer and production tools. It’s possible you have the microphone turned down in the mix panel and that would certainly give you hiss behind your performance.

Is there a software package you’re suppose to load to give you control over the tools inside the microphone? I didn’t go crazy looking it up.


thanks guys,
I found the problem, It was the software I use not my Mic :slight_smile:

hi i’m experiencing the same problems with background noise as you were.
can you help me ?? what’s the solution ??