FYI. Mac build/install still broken 18th Feb

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The following build commands failed:
	ProcessPCH++ /var/folders/3h/hqtl82m17bvcf589cw140vgr0000gn/C/ ../src/AudacityHeaders.h normal i386 c++
	ProcessPCH++ /var/folders/3h/hqtl82m17bvcf589cw140vgr0000gn/C/ ../src/AudacityHeaders.h normal i386 objective-c++
(2 failures)

How to fix OSX is talked about here…

probably specifically here…

I’ll have a look myself when I get a moment, possibly on the weekend.
Possibly still applies.

Any word?


xcodebuild clean -configuration Release

    /bin/sh /Users/robert/src/Audacity/mac/scripts/
src/Audacity.h:164:10: fatal error: 'memory' file not found
#include <memory>
1 error generated.
Command /bin/sh emitted errors but did not return a nonzero exit code to indicate failure

I merged the topics. Do let us know if you have a solution to propose. Otherwise it will have to wait until Leland can look at it. As I said, we are very short of Mac developers.