Fuzz Filter?

I believe I updated to 2.0.3. via zip file.
First of all, if anybody out there reads this and works for Audacity I want to thank you for this app. I use it every day, all day. It is as important to me as air and water.

I use Audacity to copy music. I used Audacity to dl sound effects from a website that boasted that the sound effects files contained therein were “free” but went on to request a “donation” which I ignored. Well, I used Audacity to record an old clapper bell telephone ringing and upon playback encountered a buzzing along with the playback.

There are dozens of solutions to downloading YouTube videos. Search on Google. I have deleted a lot of your text in case the RIAA comes after you.

For the rest of it, please try
http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_playback.html#muted .


Also for sounds like the bells etc I would strongly suggest checking out the Free Sound Project: http://www.freesound.org/

These are sounds recorded by every day people and uploaded to their site for free use. I use them all the time. They also have a forum where you can request a particular sound effect and people in the community will often make it for you.

I’d avoid recording off of Youtube (yes we’ve probably all done it), and ignoring the copyright infringement on many levels, the problem with Youtube is that the sound is compressed heavily. When you then record it and save it (probably as Mp3), you are crushing it even further. In most cases it causes that recorded song/video audio track to sound like garbage.