Functionality to SHARE created macros with other audacity users


I hope I didn’t miss this in the feature request list, but I’d like to request a feature to allow us to share our created macros with others audacity users.

I created some macros while doing some audio editing/enhancement to save time, but found that there was no way to export it for others to import it into their audacity application.

Hope its a feature that others would like to have to!

Big thanks to the audacity team that keeps the good stuff coming!

We are planning to add Export/Import buttons to the macros dialog - but in the meantime you can do this manually.

Your macros are stored as text files in a folder called Macros in the audacity settings folder.

On Windows the full pathname is: C:\Users<your username>\Appdata\Roaming\audacity\Macros

So you can copy your text files out of there - send them to your friends - and they then place them in their Macros folder.