Functionality question

Let’s say I have two separate recorded calls with a few seconds of silence / pause in between. I want to copy the excerpt from the end of the second conversation and paste it in place of the excerpt from the end of the first conversation. And now the crux of the matter: Is it going to be somehow set up in the program, so that after pasting a fragment of another conversation, the area of silence between one conversation and another does not change? So that there is the same break. Because now it shifts to me if I paste another fragment from the track.
For clarification, I also add an attachment.

  1. Set the Selection Toolbar to show “Start and Length of selection”.
  2. Select the audio to copy.
  3. “Ctrl + C” to copy
  4. In the Selection Toolbar, set the selection “Start” time to the paste position (about 36:52.8 in your example). Do NOT adjust the Length of the selection.
  5. “Ctrl + V” to paste.

Select the work from the very end of the track. Note the duration of the work > Copy

Select that exact duration at the end of the first conversation (drag backwards) > Delete > Paste.


The point is that the length of the selection as shown in the drawing is unchanged, even after pasting another fragment to the place of the beginning of the selection (marked with X in the drawing). And the method you gave me, the length of the selection changes after pasting the fragment.

Sublimating whether I paste a longer or shorter fragment in place of the end of the first conversation, I want the beginning of the second conversation to be in the same place, so that it does not move along the path.

Edit. I analyzed the method given by @kozikowski and it seems ok :slight_smile: I think that’s enough for me. Thank you both for your time and advice.
ex. 2.png