function of adding and modifying concatenation

hello and thanks for the help.
in the file menu I cannot find the function of adding and modifying concatenation
Audacity version 2.4.1
How can I activate it?

Windows 10 operative

To concatenate audio files:

  1. Import the files
  2. Select All (“Ctrl + A”)
  3. “Tracks menu > Align > Align End to End”
  4. Export.

If that does not answer your question, please be clarify your question.

the problem was not related to your answer,
but I think I understand, in the latest version of the program there is no function; while in a previous one, yes.
compare the photo

The English names of those commands are: “Apply Chains” and “Edit Chains”.

“Chains” have now been renamed as “Macros” and the menu items have moved to the “Tools” menu.
More information here:

thank you very much, I really couldn’t find it, now I can work very well.
his help was precious and kind,
see you later