Full on clipping with 2.2.2 and windows 10

Hi. First time user transferring vinyl through an analog-digital via Behringer UFO202 U-Phono converter after searching how to on YouTube. When I record the squiggly blue lines that extend above and below the center mark appear maxed out at top and bottom no matter how low the play volume on the stereo receiver or recording volume setting in Audacity. The result is basically a solid blue rectangle with flat sides at top and bottom. Playback reveals an audible track with major distortion. Not sure if I’ve described well enough but thanks in advance for any possible help.

Ensure that the “Line / Phono” switch on the UFO202 matches the output of your turntable. If your turntable has its own pre-amp, then the switch needs to be set to “Line”.

You may need to turn down the recording level very low in the Windows Sound Control Panel (and ensure that Windows is not adding “boost” to the signal).

Thanks for the prompt reply, Steve! Those of your suggestions I think I followed properly…such as turning down the recording volume and insuring no boost in the sound control panel…did not help. However, the problem was fixed when I switched the Behringer converter from “Phono” to “Line.” This even though my recording source was phono…go figure!