FRUSTRATED with new version 2.3.3

I have loved and used Audacity for years. However, I am not a sound engineer or trying complicated things. I just want to record and edit music (delete, expand and contract for editing purposes, amplify, fade out, silence) in a VERY simple way. I can’t use this new version but have tried to download older version but when I do, the “about” still shows this latest version after it is installed. How can I get an older version that is not so COMPLICATED?? I cannot even fast forward with my mouse! WINDOWS 10
Thank you

Could you describe the sequence you follow to uninstall Audacity before reinstalling an older version?

Your only recent question has been “how to RESUME recording after I have hit the pause button”, to which you received a prompt and simple solution.
What other problems do you have?

Which version do you want? Audacity 2.3.3 is not really any more “complicated” than previous versions, unless we go back a very long way to versions that are now obsolete. A few menu items have moved and a few default options have changed, but I wouldn’t have expected any of the changes over the last few years to cause serious problems.

Perhaps if you tell us what problems you are having, we can help you with simple solutions, then you won’t need to downgrade to an obsolete version.

To delete the 2.3.3 I went to Uninstall Program and then looked for any leftovers after that. The went to "downloads and it showed " downloading 2.1.2.exe BUT when I went to use it, it was still “about” 2.3.3

Regarding this version - I got stuck in a loop of problems, and looking at the FAQ I was with Amplitude Envelope, Grabber and Time Shift tool. I could not figure out how to get free of them. I DO NOT want them so would like a previous version.

The MAIN FEATURES I use require me to expand and contract the waveform to do editing such as delete some sections or amplfy, etc and then RETURN to original length. I could not find any way to do it on 2.3.3, and, really for my purposes,this version, which I congratulate you guys for creating, but for me it has too many features and is too complicated.

SO, I would appreciate your time and help, and hope you can steer me back to the “good old days” that I was used to.

Where did you download 2.1.2.exe from?

Are you sure that you were previously using Audacity and not some other program? Perhaps I don’t understand what you mean by “expand and contract the waveform”, but to me that does not sound like any version of Audacity. :confused:

I guess I mean ZOOM to stretch out the waveform make more room to edit a particular section of the file. I would then want to Unzoom it back to the previous size or length of time displayed on the screen where the "magnification is such that I might only see 10 minutes of a 60 minute recording without advancing the the bar at the bottom.

QUESTION HOW do I deactivate those “tool” buttons - can’t seem to get rid of them when I want.

DIDN’T PREVIOUS VERSIONS have a “fast forward” and fast reverse"? I also still have the habit of using the mouse buttons and NOTHING happens~!

IF I have to, I will drag out my old computer that should still have my previous Audacity to see what version it was - bit of a pain to hook it all up however!

RE downloading 2.1.2 it was either FossHub, or it might of have been FilePuma or FileHorse.

Your continued VALUED responses are appreciated!

There are several ways to zoom. The “best” way depends on whether you prefer to use the mouse, click buttons or use keyboard shortcuts.
My preferred way is “Ctrl + Mouse wheel”.
Other ways are described here: Zooming Overview - Audacity Manual

I’m not sure what you mean by “deactivate”. They don’t do anything unless you click on them, so the simplest way to “not activate” them is simply to not click on them.
If you want to “hide” them, then you can hide whichever toolbars you like from the “View menu > Toolbars” options.

From the Transport Toolbar, click the |< or >| buttons.

Alternatively, you can use “Home” or “End” keys.

Use FossHub. They are the official distributors of Audacity, so we know they have the genuine article.

THANKS for all the great help! I’ve learned a lot! NOW need to check other forums to improve the sound quality of my recordings and transfers to CD