Frustrated NEWBE!!

First of all thank you for looking at my posting and considering helping me out.

I have Audacity 2.3 with a mac 10.8.6. So today I was invited to be in a video conference (on meetcheap) for about 3k people and so I want to record the whole interview. I have audacity all ready installed and I know how to record what am saying, what i want though is to also record what am hearing. I downloaded Sunflower app but i still dont know how to set it up correctly because of the output/input mess. is this something that can be done with audacity alone or what do i need?

Welcome to the input-output mess.

I wasn’t able to get good recordings and also good production coordination and I was using unlimited resources and hardware. There’s no problem recording the whole conference, you just can’t be part of it. If you never need to speak, then it’s fairly simple. I set up a conference recording system at work that had, basically, no operator. All it did was record the transactions. You turned it on, joined the conference, pressed record, and then went home until they were finished.

I see from the CheapMeets website that the administrator has recording abilities built-in. You should contact them and see if you can get a recording copy from them.


Do this instructions on this page help?

– Bill