Front and background audio

I have a clip of a cartoon that is in Russian, but you can hear the English language in the background. Is there a way I can use Audacity to increase the background sound (English) and decrease the front audio (front), so the clip can be in English?

Didn’t you post this once a long time ago?

The answer is still no.


No, I just registered. I’ve never asked this question before, but anyway thanks for your answer.

Somebody asked almost the exact same question, so there are two of you out there.

You can’t separate two voice tracks from each other unless the show is stereo and the performers are left only and right only. Can I assume it’s not?


I don’t think so, but you tell me. Here’s the clip: If you acutally need to see the clip as an mp3 file on Audacity, go here:, scroll down where it says video conversion, choose mp3 or any file as an audio file and after it downloads you can open it with Audacity.

No, you’ll not be able to do it. Best bet is to try and get hold of the original. I think it was released by Nickelodeon.

No? Darn, well, okay. I wish I could get a hold of the original. Only half of the series is on the Web. And the episode of this clip wasn’t one of those episodes, and it’s almost impossible to find any other episodes that aren’t already on the Web. :frowning: