From Audacity back down to cassette tape


I have recorded my songs on a four-track tape player, and mixed them up to the Audacity program. I would like to put the songs back down onto a blank cassette tape in their mixed form. Is this possible?

Thank you very much,
Ms. Cosby Gibson
in New York State

Yes, given that you have a cassette recorder. You can connect the Headphone-Out of your computer or the Line-Out if it has that to the Line-In of your cassette recorder. Press Record on the cassette recorder and [spacebar] or Play in Audacity.

Come back in a half-hour.

You didn’t say what kind of computer you have, so I’m flying blind for a while.

The cable that does this will be something like this…

If you use the headphone connection, you may not be able to hear what you’re doing, but go until the meters stop moving, or the cursor in Audacity reaches the end.

You need to play the loudest portion of the show into the cassette machine in order to set levels. The computer volume control will set levels and so will the record level knobs on the tape machine. Strike a balance. Neither one too high or too low.

Have you made cassette tapes before? Do you know which Dolby to use? Are you using Metal tape?

Since you have managed to record the cassette onto your computer cgib55, I’m guessing that you already have the necessary lead.

Thank you everyone, I will give it a try. Never thought of going backwards with the process and cables, d’uh! :unamused:

I am using a basic tape from Walmart, Sony brand, Type 1.

I will test this out. I really appreciate your response. :slight_smile: