frequency of recording

I have made several recordings of induvidual notes from a sonometer for a high school phyisics experiment. Is there any way of working out the frequency of the recording over a set period of time?
Thanks, Cal

Audacity Version 1.3.6 has a function under Analyze called “Plot Spectrum” which could be useful in determining the frequency. First select a portion of the waveform (one or two seconds), then use the plot spectrum function. There are several ways to modify the chart, but try first with setting Algorithm to “Spectrum”; Size to “16384”; Function to “Hanning Window”; Axis to “Log Frequency”. On the plot you will get a peak which should be the fundamental frequency. You might get a series of smaller spikes that are harmonics of the sonometer. As you move the cursor across the plot, the display will show the frequency at the cursor location. When the cursor gets close to the peak it will “snap” to the peak and the display will indicate the frequency of the peak. Experiment with some of the other chart parameters to see if that helps.

I tried it with generated tones and it seemed to work fairly well.