Frequency modulation - can you remove it?

Is there a way to remove the frequency modulation of a sound in Audacity. I am trying to modify calls for playbacks to animals (the pitch shift worked great!).

What’s been modulated with what? What’s the carrier and what’s the signal?

The call has a fundamental frequency that varies over the call, as do most vocalizations. I am trying to change the call so that it plays at a constant frequency (pitch) throughout the call, for example, the mean pitch. I suspect this option is not in Audacity - nothing in the manual sounded very related. By removing the modulation, I can test whether the animals respond to the normal modulation of the call.


Depending on how rapid and complex the modulation is, you may be able to manually compensate for the frequency changes by using the “Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift” effect (but it will probably be quite fiddly)

Thanks - very helpful.