Freezing program at "Export several"

Audacity freezes for me too on UBUNTU 22.04. It freezes when export to mp3 several labels. I have used Audacity in many years without problems and I like the program. But since *.aup3 and snap, it starts getting problems. I don’t like to use snap. As usual I want to store on the SSD and when the product is finished it is uploaded to Dropbox. I am also living in an area with a shaky internet. I don’t know what’s wrong with the program, but I as an engineer has always believed in KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). I am in panic, because I have some job to be done. Audacity have never disappointed me before. I now see this as 3 days work as lost…/ Bosse

This is just my opinion but to me, setting-up labels and using Export Multiple isn’t worth the trouble…

I select/highlight one song at a time and Export Selected Audio, one song at a time (or one “part” at a time, etc.)

Worked fine for me as my modus operandi when I converted all my LPs and tapes :wink:


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