Freezing in 3.2.5 for Windows

I’ve been using Audacity since 2.3.0 without any problems at all, but when I updated to 3.2.5 a couple of months ago, it freezes up all the time, and when it does work, it stalls and takes forever to enact edits. After a while, if it is working, say about 30-40 minutes into editing an hour and a half podcast episode, the tools start glitching and I have to exit out and hope it doesn’t start freezing when I reboot it.

It’s taking me forever to edit these episodes and I really need a solid fix for it. Any help would be great. Thanks!

So there was an “improvement” made to Audacity in 3.2.0 that is likely contributing your difficulties. The difficult stemmed from copying a track from one Audacity project to another. A new feature in 3.3.0 (scheduled to be released later today) addresses this issue. While it won’t fix your old project, it should keep the problem at bay on any new project.

Conceptually, you could open the old project, do Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, open a new project, Ctrl+V, and presto, the problem is solved. The 3.3.0 beta is available now if you wish to test this.

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