Freezing and stuttering on playback

I have read a few threads regarding this issue. Nothing so far seems to help. I am running Peppermint 6 on a Dell 3000 with 2GB of RAM. Audacity 2.0.5 is the version I am running.

My temp settings:

/home/randy/Documents/.audacity_temp/ with 114GB of free space.

Any idea what I can do to resolve this problem? I have had this problem with other versions on different computers computers. I usually had to delete my work and start over again which is a real pain.


I just quite out of Audacity without saving and then opened my FLAC file again. Seems to be working fine so far. Fingers crossed. Could it have been all the temp files that were deleted when I quit Audacity without saving?

I think I spoke too soon. Audacity froze again on playback.

Are you choosing the “pulse” or “default” playback device in Device Toolbar?

If so, please see:

Another alternative is to chose the (hw) playback device instead, which will bypass pulse and access the hardware directly. That only works if Audacity is the only application using the sound card.


Thanks for the reply!!

I have it set to Default. Should I be using a distro that does not have Pulse installed? I’m wondering if that may be a better option? This way I can rely on Alsamixer for all of my audio settings etc… The only app I use is Audacity. I may use Audacious or some other audio player to listen to music. I like to keep things as simple as possible especially on this old Dell 3000. At the moment I am using Peppermint 6 as my distro. It comes with Pulse.

If you choose the (hw) devices you will bypass pulse, even if it is installed. But then if Audacious is using the sound device, Audacity will not be able to do so.