Freezes/Dropout on Playback

Hi Folks , any help appreciated. I had been using the earlier version of Audacity with no problems at all (I think it was v 2.4.2) for nearly a year but last week upgraded to version 3.1.3. Since then I am having problems with very short gaps in the audio during playback of a multitrack recording. The gaps are never in the same place each time suggesting that the recorded tracks are ok. The cursor also freezes at the same point on the timeline as the “glitch”. My PC is an i5 6400 @2.7GHz and 16GB of RAM. The recording has 11 tracks and was imported from the earlier version. I have defragged the “C” drive (SSD) and the “DATA” drive that has the Audacity files with no difference. Looking at the Task Manager, during a glitch, I am getting CPU usage of 6-10% , Memory 20% and HDD access around zero % with the odd small spike. Any ideas ??? I would be happy to back to the earlier version but I believe that it is no longer available. Thanks for any help. Dave

I’d expect you would get the same problem with Audacity 2.4.2, but it might be useful to test if that’s the case. Audacity 2.4.2 is available from here:

Glad to hear I’m not the only one :sparkles:
I’m an audiobook narrator, and only this week it’s been doing just that.
Glitching horribly during playback. Even skipping parts - and creating ticks and picks that are not mouth noises. I know that because when I quickly backtrack the same part, those ticks/picks suddenly disappear. It’s been driving me batty, and I’ve already filed tickets with Audacity about it, because I’m falling behind schedule with the finish of the next chapters.

Hopefully there’ll be a resolution soon. That it’s not a sudden Windows 10 update conflict :bulb:

You issue has been addressed here: Lags horribly during playback