Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor has Stopped Working

What exactly happens? Do you launch Audacity, and its main window appears, and then does the “stopped working” message appear and at the same time, the “Debug report Audacity” window appears?

When you installed 2.1.2 from us, did you enable “Reset Preferences” half way through the installer? It does not look like you did because the audacity.cfg file still lists recent files and some settings are not default. Please do that reset, and confirm you want to reset when Audacity launches.

If after you launch Audacity and confirm reset, Audacity crashes again, please say when exactly it crashes and attach another report. Sorry this is tedious.

If you are recording Skype with Audacity, that is not really recommended. Buzzing, fading and other problems are common, plus both sides of the call are mixed together. See