Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor has Stopped Working

Hello, I don’t know if anyone can help with this but I’ve ran into some major trouble with Audacity. Firstly there was a major humming noise and I was unable to record my voice as the noise was incredibly loud. I ended up uninstalling and installing again, only to find the 2 messages in the images attached. The second image saying the Free Cross-Platform Sound Editor has stopped working.
It started when I changed the sound to listening through headphones and not the speakers.
At one point I was able to open Audacity but when I pressed the play button to test to see if the loud noise was there the second message came up and the programme would close

Audacity just won’t open at all, so I’ve uninstalled Audacity again, but it seems there is a remainder of the files still in the computer.
Has anyone had this issue and if anyone knows if something can be done that would be enormously helpful. Have come to a complete stop.

Would this be a bug? What do I need to do to fix this problem?

Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated!

I use Windows 7
audacity play.PNG

Even if you are a podcaster, I moved this to the Windows board as it is more likely to help other users if posted here.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Audacity by itself never changes anything. To reset Audacity settings, choose “Reset Preferences” half way through the Audacity installer, then confirm the reset when you launch Audacity. Please try that.

Also assuming you pressed OK in the Debug report “Audacity” window, I suggest you attach the debug file that Audacity produced. This will let us see what audio devices you have. You can see where the report is by looking in the Debug report “Audacity” image you posted.

Where exactly did you change the playback device to headphones? Where do you connect the microphone to the computer and what is the make and model number of the microphone?


Hi Gale,
Thank you so much for your swift reply.
In answer to your question below:

  1. Where exactly did you change the playback device to headphones?
  2. Where do you connect the microphone to the computer and
  3. What is the make and model number of the microphone?"


  1. I changed the playback device in the Control Panel
  2. I connect the headphones in the USB portal at the front of the computer
  3. Headset is Yoga, USB Headphones and Mic AM-840MU

I also hear a bleep every 6-12 seconds as well, I know this issue is in the Audacity Help Forum.

I’ve also attached the Audacity Zip debug file that was produced as you requested.

Thank you again for your help, I’m very grateful. (58 KB)

Do you mean that you changed the playback device to the Yoga headset? Have you ever done that before without it causing a problem?

There was no audio device info in your zip file. For purposes of testing I suggest you reset the preferences in the installer as described, then make “Speakers (Realtek High Definition)” the Default playback device in Windows Sound.

If you can then launch Audacity please go to Help > Audio Device Info… top right of Audacity and attach the file that saves. If Audacity crashes when opening the Audio Device Info, please attach another

Do you mean you hear that when recording? If so, has that always happened, or only since you changed the playback device?

You did obtain Audacity from didn’t you?


Hello Gale, I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to get back to you.
In answer to your questions below, no I had never switched to listening through the headphones from the speakers before.
Yes, I’ve now made the speakers the default playback. I also changed the USB insert for the headphones, this has helped with the humming noise.
I know this as I’ve had to use Camtasia. I really like Camtasia but Audacity is much easier and quicker to use.

The Bleeping Noise:
Yes, I heard it while recording, it only started on my last Skype Recorded Call.

Downloading Audacity:
No I didn’t obtain Audacity initially from the address below, I was looking for audacity sound forge, this may be where the problem has started.
I didn’t realise that was where I would get the best download. I uninstalled and then went to the website and installed again.

Audacity just won’t launch at all, just gives me the Error message, I’ve attached another Zip File as requested.

Thank you for helping me Gale, is it a bug?

Bless you,
Kerrie :slight_smile: (63 KB)

What exactly happens? Do you launch Audacity, and its main window appears, and then does the “stopped working” message appear and at the same time, the “Debug report Audacity” window appears?

When you installed 2.1.2 from us, did you enable “Reset Preferences” half way through the installer? It does not look like you did because the audacity.cfg file still lists recent files and some settings are not default. Please do that reset, and confirm you want to reset when Audacity launches.

If after you launch Audacity and confirm reset, Audacity crashes again, please say when exactly it crashes and attach another report. Sorry this is tedious.

If you are recording Skype with Audacity, that is not really recommended. Buzzing, fading and other problems are common, plus both sides of the call are mixed together. See


Hi Gale,

Launching Audacity:
Once Audacity is launched I’m unable to get into it. I cannot Reset it as it will not open.
The Debug Audacity Report Window appears as per image below.
If I click on Cancel, it closes, if I click on OK, I get the Report (latest one attached)

Audacity just will not open for me to Reset Preferences.

It’s a mystery, isn’t it? Is there a way I can completely remove all files if uninstalling and installing doesn’t really do anything?

Thank you for you patience and persistence!
Best wishes,
Kerrie (61.8 KB)

Just delete your Audacity.cfg file and then restart Audacity.

See this page in the Manual for where to find the .cfg file:

As a QA tester this is something that I have to do a lot - so on both my Windows and Mac systems I have set up a shortcut on my desktop to go direct to the relevant folder that contains the .cfg files.


In other words, this does the same as enabling the Reset Preferences box in the Audacity installer which I have suggested several times.

Run the installer and in the “Select Additional Tasks” screen, put a check (tick) in the “Reset Preferences” box. Complete the installation. On launching Audacity, a dialog will appear where you can confirm if you want to reset preferences just this once, or not. Say yes.


Hello, Just wanted to let you know all’s well and I’m back on track.
When you were asking me to delete the .cfg files I couldn’t find them as I found out they were hidden.
I couldn’t find them under file path on the Debug Report. To find them I searched on Google and had to enter %appdata% in the computer search all programmes entered in blank box after you click on the Windows Icon at bottom left-hand corner.

No wonder I was having such trouble. Since then I deleted all files and uninstalled the Audacity programme. I reinstalled it again, was able to Reset Preferences and all’s working perfectly.

I’m so thankful for all your help and patience, but just a quick word, if someone cannot find the hidden files use %appdata% in the search computer window in all programmes and you 'll be ok.

Thank you just doesn’t seem enough, I’m so incredibly grateful.
I hope this helps someone else.

Your totally Awesome!
May good fortune always fall upon you!
Kerrie :slight_smile:

Indeed, as we say at, but Reset Preferences in the installer does the same thing.

I think there is an Audacity bug here, given that audacity.cfg crashes Audacity on my machine with the same Divide by Zero error. I created a bug report here: