free Bartlett book how to record - whats the catch?

on [deleted see next msg]
have not used any of these folks
the book is claimed to be free

bartletts book is one of the very best

i may try it at the library and report any gotchas

anybody else use these free ebook suppliers
(are there any more?)
what is the downside besides spam ?

Without contacting the publishers it’s impossible to be sure if they have authorised the above e-book distribution, but the item is on legitimate sale in paperback and audio book form, including very inexpensive second hand copies.

Even if you dodge the popups from the ebooksx links, there is a risk in users signing up to credit card contracts to get the “free” ebook and forgetting to cancel or not understanding what they are getting themselves into.

I think for that reason it’s better not to link to something like that.



i wondered how they could do that
whole bunch of other books too

if its too good to be true then i guess it really isnt

remember mad magazine
spy vs spy?
wonder if some hacker could give them a fake cc
and get all the books without risk
by using a public pc and an anonymiser :mrgreen: